THE Impact Rankings 2023 Results Announced: Gazi University Rises to the 200 band in "Quality Education"
15 June 2023 | 14:50

THE Impact Rankings 2023, which is based on sustainability goals, have been announced. In the "Quality Education" goal, Gazi University has risen to the 200 band in comparison to the previous year. Gazi University, which was ranked between 601-800 among 1,180 universities worldwide last year, has now been placed in the 401-600 range among 1,304 universities. In addition to this success, Gazi University increased its performance by 6.8 in the "Quality Education" Sustainable Development Goal compared to last year. THE IMPACT 2023 findings, which use indicators such as "First Generation Students," "Lifelong Learning," "Graduation (Primary Education)," and "Research" as criteria, show that Gazi University has significantly increased its scores with successful performances in each criterion.


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