Students of the "StudioThinkImagine" Project has Made Us Proud with Their Success
17 June 2022 | 16:51

Under the coordinatorship of Prof.Dr.Pınar Dinç Kalaycı from the Architecture Departmant Studios of Gazi Universiy, StudioThinkImagine/A3 supports students to attend national/international architecture project/idea competitions. While producing projects under the theme of Choose&Complete for 3 semesters as from 2020-2021 fall semester, students who were studying in teams succeded 17 various achievements such as 5 'first place', 2 'honorable mentions' and 1 'equivalent award' .

While during the workshop students were provided to choose contests according to their interests and potentials , various topics were opened for discussion such as contest, being a competetor, jury criteria, contest process and effective use of tools of architectural representation tools.

In order to support the contest process, interviews and presentations were given under the titles 'On Architecture Design Competitions and The Competitions in Specific’ by Portugese architecture Vitor Leal Barros on 3rd May 2021 and 'How to Prepare for Architectural Ideas Contests?' by M.Architect Ömer Yeşildal on 6th May 2021.

While the traditional 'Critical Days' training of StudioThinkImagine is organized on week 11, professional architectures were allowed to comment on student contest projects.

Under the scope of three classifications specific to the competition it was ensured that by the the end of the semester projects were evaluated by the AtölyeDüşleDeğin team of instructors, educationally, by invited professional architects and instructors, both educationally and contextually, and by the international competition juries.

The whole studying process was organized by Prof.Dr.Pınar Kalaycı, Lec.Dr.Can Güngör, Part Time Lec. Bolkar Açıkkol, Researcher Gizem Özkan Üstün, Researacher Y. Bera Bilici and Resarcher Mehmet F. Özyıldırım. Acquired accomplishments at the end of this rich process has made Gazi University proud. Gazi University Rector Prof.Dr. Musa Yıldız presented the certificates of achievement to students and lecturers and wished them continued success.

You may monitor the achievements and outputs of Gazi University Department of Architecture StudioThinkImagine students on the following social media addresses: Blog:

Instagram: studiothinkimagine

Facebook: @StudioThinkImagine

Youtube: StudioThinkImagineHosts

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