Student Counseling Center Scholarships

a) KYK Scholarships : The gratuitous scholarships separated each year to the university faculty and high school students by the Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate enrolled in quota numbers are determined. Announcement is made in accordance with the specified number of the registered students. Applications are received through the Internet,

b) TEV Scholarships : Turkish Education Foundation's quota in accordance with Student Counseling Center's internet page references are received, evaluated and prospective students are determined for an interview by calling. The main and reserved scholarship recipients are determined. Transactions are made in the Student Counseling Center.

c) Special scholarships : The donation resources provided by the foundation, organizers of charity, legal and real persons are provided and allocated to the students who are   in need of financial support and who provide the necessary level of success each year. Applications are received through the Internet, transactions are made in the Student Counseling Center

d) Food Scholarship : For students who need it, free meal a day is provided with scholarships. At the beginning of each academic year, students to be provided food grant are determined by the board decision. Announcement is made in line with the determined number. Defining process of the smart dining cards for eating free scholarship is done by the center for one academic year.

e) Dormitory scholarship : has not started yet.

The Social Status Determination and Scholarship Application Form that are announced at Gazi University Student Counselling Center Internet Page are required to fill by the students who request scholarship at the beginning of every semester before course registration.

Qualify for scholarships : Scholarships Information System as determined by the Board of Directors discussed and resolved at LCC student lists are connected.

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