Our Policies

Gazi University Quality Policy

The quality policy of Gazi University is determined in line with its mission, vision and core values, under the scope of the following princples:

  • To operate sustainable quality management processes in all its units with an effective leadership understanding and team spirit in achieving its goals in the fields of education and training, research and development, internationalization, entrepreneurship, development of institutional capacity and contribution to society,

  • To monitor and continuously improve all processes in line with the strategic goals and objectives of our university, national and international compliance obligations and the requirements of the age,

  • To produce graduates with high level of competence and who are preferred in their field,

  • To maintain high level stakeholder satisfaction and participation in quality processes,

  • To contribute to the innovation ecosystem and R&D with high value-added projects in accordance with regional, national and international development goals by continuously improving its research capacity and competencies in line with its research university mission.

Gazi University Education and Training Policy
  • To implement sustainable, innovative and technologically advanced materials and training programs in line with international standards in education and training,

  • To raise individuals who contribute to scientific developments, are prone to interdisciplinary teamwork, and who create human capital and economic added value,

  • To adopt an active learning approach based on continuous improvement and high application skills,

  • To create an educational and training environment that supports personal and social development,

  • To prioritise skills and competencies as well as knowledge in the success monitoring and evaluation process,

  • To manage the education and training processes in accordance with the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" (PDCA) cycle.

Gazi University Distance Education Policy

In addition to being one of the first higher education institutions of the Republic, Gazi University, with its research university feature and vision, continues to serve without compromising the quality education it offers and breaks new ground in many fields. Under this scope, Gazi Univeristy adopts the following principles in the field of distance education;

  • Organizing and uninterrupted execution of online education and training processes for access to quality and inclusive education, which is one of the sustainable development goals, while carrying out these processes with a participatory approach, taking into account the views of internal and external stakeholders,

  • Monitoring online education and training outputs and outcomes through regular performance measurements and ensuring continuous improvement,

  • Providing the necessary distance education programs in cooperation with academic units and external stakeholders in the areas needed by today's world and ensuring continuous monitoring and improvements,

  • İmplementing student-centered learning methods and approaches specific to distance education and alternative forms of measurement and evaluation that take into account the motivation, interests and opportunities of the student, while increasing the technological and pedagogical competencies of the teaching staff regarding the processes,

  • Ensuring that student guidance, academic counseling, career and social support services are provided fully and uninterruptedly in online environments,

  • Providing the trainings needed by the staff and students of our University in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders by prioritising lifelong learning, providing online access to these trainings and making necessary improvements according to the feedback received,

  • Conducting Research and Development activities that will make online learning-teaching processes more functional and efficient by implementing smart technologies (artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, learning analytics, etc.) and ensuring traceability of results,

  • Storing e-learning data created in digital environment by taking into account information security, privacy and informatics ethics and furthermore sharing this data with relevant stakeholders in accordance with the same values.

Gazi University Research Policy

In line with its vision of becoming a nationally and internationally respected and pioneering research university with its interdisciplinary and qualified research, entrepreneurship, high-level education and services to society, and with the honor of hosting the educational and research institutions that trained the pioneering teachers and researchers of the Republic and bearing the title of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; Gazi University embraces the following princples;

  • Prioritizing studies, in line with social development goals, in the fields that our country and our region need, such as health engineering, technology, science, education and arts.

  • Monitoring the results and outputs of qualified Research and Development (R&D) studies supported by external funds gained through national and international collaborations and trying to reach the highest value by intervening in the process when necessary,

  • Sharing knowledge, skills and experience with the awareness of social contribution, in a wide range of subjects ranging from education, technology, basic sciences, health sciences, R&D, Product Development (P&D) equipment and outputs,

  • Making entrepreneurship and innovation sustainable by transforming the outputs of high-level scientific research carried out in University-Industry-Public cooperation, which is guided in line with our strategies, into economic value,

  • Utilizing internal and external resources efficiently to support the studies carried out in priority areas for our country and to strengthen its research infrastructure,

  • Organizing activities to improve the competencies of researchers in order to ensure participation in domestic and international R&D support programs and for the effective use of funds,

  • Monitoring and evaluating research outputs and achievements through regular performance measurements and prioritizing continuous improvement in line with the objectives set out in our Strategic Plan,

  • Increasing scientific enrichment and motivation by making research a core component of education for both academics and students in educational programs at all levels,

  • Contributing to the lifelong education and development process by creating a sustainable education-science ecosystem and using knowledge and technology within the framework of the principle of human benefit,

  • Ensuring that Research and Development activities are carried out with an integrative perspective, under the administrative structure developed within the university

  • To be a leading and guiding University in education and science, raising individuals who have a investigative, questioning and analytical mindset, who can lead society in rapidly changing world conditions, who respect national, spiritual, cultural and human values and who have internalized these values.

Gazi University Internationalization Policy

As a research university aiming for internationalization, that internalizes education, research, social contribution and its students; Gazi University embraces the following principles;

  • Increasing the number of programs that provide education in foreign languages and have international recognition,

  • Increasing the number of international students and diversifying the countries they come from,

  • Increasing the mobility of students, academic and administrative staff to study, work and train abroad,

  • Increasing partnership, cooperation, research, scientific, cultural and social activities with universities abroad,

  • Adopting an approach that encourages activities that increase the international recognition of the outputs of research projects such as publications / licenses / patents.

Gazi University Management System Policy

Seeking originality in science and with the aim of raising individuals who can lead society and respect national, spiritual, cultural and human values. Gazi University carries its investigative and critical innovative structuring in research, education and technological developments, that serves the needs of society and humanity,  to its management system understanding and in line with its mission, vision and core values and desire to achieve its strategic goals and objectives, adopts the following principles,

  • To use resources effectively and efficiently,

  • To give importance to specialization in priority areas,

  • To employ competent and sufficient staff,

  • To produce timely, accurate and reliable information,

  • To ensure quality and continuity in the goods and services it provides,

  • To create a qualified and participatory education-training and research-development process,

  • To take transparency and accountability as a basis in the tasks it carries out,

  • To establish a management system that ensures compliance with the legislation and equal service to all stakeholders in the services it provides.


Gazi University Social Contribution Policy

With its mission and vision of contributing to the lifelong education and development process and objective of being a respected university at national and international levels, Gazi Univeristy accepts the transfer of knowledge to society through internal and external stakeholders as a fundamental value. In line with this perspective, to ensure local, national and international development by providing services to society based on scientific research in political, economic, social, cultural, educational and technological fields, Gazi university adopts the following principles;

  • Carrying out education and training activities in accordance with the needs of society and contributing in raising social responsibility awareness,

  • Contributing to regional development by conducting scientific research and consultancy in economic, social, cultural, educational and technological fields,

  • Contributing to the creation of a lifelong learning culture in society and to the acquisition of skills,

  • Preparing projects in cooperation with local governments and contributing to local development through the realization of these projects,

  • Announcing the products resulting from technological innovations and applications and from the support activities of the Technology Development Zone, Technology Transfer Office and Research and Development Centers to the business environment and providing the necessary training for qualified personnel in order to ensure regional development,

  • Contributing to the academic developments within the scope of university and industry cooperation, as well as to the more comprehensive development of scientists, and the operations of the industry,

  • Taking measures to develop solutions to environmental problems, to provide suggestions and to raise awareness,

  • Contributing to the discovery, preservation and development of the cultural riches of the region through research,

  • Providing information on protecting health and improving its quality and delivering the necessary services at all stages of health related problems,

  • Encouraging the dissemination of sports activities for healthy living and providing the opportunity for sports to reach every segment of society,

  • Contributing to educational, social and cultural activities aimed at the requirements of individuals with special needs as well to the development of physical infrastructure.

Gazi University Risk Policy

Gazi University's risk policy is to establish a systematic management system that will ensure the identification, grouping, assessment, control and minimization of risks that may prevent the achievement of its management processes and strategic goals and objectives.  Under this policy, our University adopts the following principles;

  • Defining responsibilities related to risk management in all units, identifying those responsible, ensuring their active participation in the process and supervising them,

  • Carrying out training activities to increase the risk awareness and knowledge of officials in all units,

  • Monitoring the updates and innovations made in the legislation and ensuring compliance,

  • Conducting an effective risk management process together with stakeholders,


Gazi University Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy

Gazi University has adopted a people-oriented management approach, based on its mission to raise individuals responsible for people and society, which is among its core values. It embraces the protection of human life as a universal value. It is committed to taking all measures regarding occupational health and safety to create a healthy and safe environment for its academic and administrative staff, other employees, students and all stakeholders. It is aimed to ensure a positive safety culture by developing proactive approaches in all matters related to occupational health and safety at our university. In this regard, at our university:

  • Adaptation to changing conditions is ensured while fulfilling legal obligations by implementing national and international legislation in the field of occupational health and safety.

  • Periodic risk assessment and risk analysis studies are carried out to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and all kinds of measures are taken to create healthy and safe working conditions.

  • By ensuring that employees receive occupational health and safety trainings in the most effective way and increasing their awareness, control and monitoring methods are developed to create behavioral change throughout our university.

  • By reflecting occupational health and safety at the core of all corporate activities, it is aimed to receive feedback at a sufficient level of satisfaction from employees, students and stakeholders.

  • A channel is created where all units will work in coordination/harmony and where our academic and administrative staff, students and stakeholders can access all kinds of information and services on occupational health and safety.

  • At our university, studies are continued to create an "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" that is open to development, effective and functional, based on continuous improvement.

  • Gazi University adopts the principle of carrying out studies that will be remembered as examples of good practice at national and international levels in the field of occupational health and safety.


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