Mission - Vision


To educate individuals that can lead society, respect national, spiritual, cultural, and human values; to contribute to the life-long education and development process of the society by generating knowledge with pioneer research, sharing and transforming it to real life.


A leading and a prestigious University with its interdisciplinary and qualified research, entrepreneurship, high-level education as well as with its community service at national and international level.

Basic Values

Gazi University adopts the following values with the honor of being the first educational institution of the Republic that train the pioneer teachers, with the responsibility of being a research university.

  • Pioneer in Education and Research

Its high academic quality that encourages the formation of a common culture that contributes to learning and research.

  • Interrogator and Innovative

Seeks originality in science; questions the developments in research, education and technology areas. Takes innovative structure that serve the needs of the society and humanity.

  • Respectful to Human

By adopting national values, all kinds of opinions and ideas can be expressed in peace and tolerance. The basic values of the University are based on the universal approach which considers religion, language, race, nationality, gender and opinion differences as a richness and opposes all kinds of discrimination.

  • Accountable to Society

Transmits generated information to society via internal and external stakeholder. 

  • Bound to Ethical Values

Aims to possess transparent and academic values by attaching importance to scientific ethics with a reliable, harmonious and sharing understanding in education, research and application environment.

  • Based on Merits

The university aims to actualize the selection and evaluation within the basic competencies and objectivity that exalts success, ability, work, and effort.

  • Developing Sense of Belonging

Aims to be an institution that can bear responsibility and be proud of being part of it.

  • With Self-confidence

Acts with courage and determination to fulfill the responsibilities of education, research and community service and solves encountered problems.

  • Engaged in History and Culture

Holds a sensitive approach towards historical, cultural and national values.

  • Aware of Geographical Responsibilities

The University takes institutional equipment as basic values that produce rapid solutions to new developing problems of the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Africa continent that has close relations with the countries human resource.


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