Success of Our Architecture Students in The Oasis Cultural Center Themed Competition

In the competition themed "The Oasis Cultural Center"of in which  Atölye DüşleDüşün, consisting of Prof. Dr. Pınar Dinç Kalaycı (coordinator), Instructor Dr. Can Güngör, part-time Lecturer Bolkar Açıkkol, Research Assistant Gizem Özkan Üstün, Research Assistant Yusuf Bera Bilici and Research Assistant Mehmet Fetullah Özyıldırım from the Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture, worked within the scope of the "choose + race" theme in the spring term of 2020-21, the team consisting of our students Elif Seda Koz, Fatma Gündoğan and Emre Koç and the team consisting of Berfin Kangal and Erol Üresin won the honorable mention. In the same contest, the team consisting of Hilal Yılmaztürk, Buket Demir and Merve Akça was selected for the Editor's Selected group.

We wholeheartedly congratulate our students and wish them continued success.

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