Visitors of Gazi Technopark
22 Nisan 2017 07:38


A group of 25 people in Ankara visited Gazi Technopark to participate in the 'Trade Unionism and Social Policy International Education' program held in cooperation with the Public Administration Institute of Turkey and the Middle East, Civil Servant Union, and SESRIC.

Our guests from 25 different countries were met by Gazi Technopark Manager Tuğrul Imer.

Following lunch together, Imer made a presentation in English about the university with the activities of Gazi Technopark established in 2007 with the development of the technopark in the world and Turkey in the conference room.

Imer emphasized that our university is a pioneering organization in many different branches and scientific researches. After the presentation, the guests visited the Gazi Technopark and took a souvenir photo.


02.05.2017 / Press and Public Relations Consultancy