Second Prize For Gazi University In Turkey Ladies Chess Championship
01 Mart 2017 04:05


Last week in 2017 Arzum Turkey Ladies Chess Championship,our university Pre-school  Education  graduate  student  Ebru  Kaplan won silver  medal.With  104 chess players  from 44 cities  participating  in the  organization,Ebru  Kaplan  was  the  second  to complete  the  tournament  with 7 wins,1 draw and 1 loss among  strong opponents.


As  a student  of our university  and  a member  of the  chess  community,Ebru  Kaplan  was  proud of our  university,while university  lecturer Dr.ibrahim Yüksel, the Chess  Community  Academic  Advisor  stated  that  this result is a good  example  to all the  students in our university  with success.Founder Chairman of our Chess Community Dr.Mahmut  Yüksel  stated that  such  a  success  was a first  among  female athletes  in Gazi  University  and  that  our  students  will  succeed  in success  by  taking  Ebru Kaplan as an example.

13.03.2017 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations