Quality Council Meeting was held at Our University
31 Aralık 2020 11:53

Our University Quality Council meeting, which was carried out online under the management of our Rector, Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız, was attended by Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Ramazan Bayındır and Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç, Secretary General Hasan Kaleli and faculty members.

Emphasising that Gazi University Quality Council has been working uninterruptedly since the day they took office, Prof. Dr. Yıldız thanked Prof. Dr. Ramazan Bayındır and all the council members for successfully representing our University at the YÖKAK (Turkish Higher Education Quality Council) Monitoring Team Meeting.

By examining the reports published in previous years and determining any deficiencies, our Rector Prof. Dr. Yıldız indicated that they will continue to work to move Gazi University forward and rank it higher among other research universities. Our Rector stated that our university aims to ensure the continuity of the quality commission and as management will continue to generate ideas as to what can be done better.  Speaking about the "Productivity Meetings" that were held for better management of quality processes, Prof. Dr. Yıldız stated that they came together with all the directors of the Gazi Education Faculty, The Faculty of Medicine and Research Center and said that that these meetings will continue.

As university management our Rector Prof. Dr. Yıldız expressed the issues that they attach great importance to and stated the following; “We attach great importance to accreditation, quality and ISO 9001. These are indispensable for us. This way, our university will rank higher among research universities. In addition, it will place our university higher in the success rankings made by many international rating institutions, especially URAP. Moreover, it will cause an increase in the number of our professors among important scientists in the world. I believe that our work to improve quality will be instrumental in making this happen.”

Following the speech given by our Rector, University Director of the Project Coordination Application and Research Center, commission member Prof. Dr. Musa Sarı gave information about the work completed so far and the work that is to be done from now on. Prof. Sarı stated that as commission they have taken important steps in order complete any shortcomings and conveyed his thanks to Prof. Dr. Yıldız for his full support in the process.  Prof. Sarı, informed that they will participate in the accreditation process as the Faculty of Science Department of Physics Education

Faculty of Health Sciences faculty member and Quality Commission member Prof. Dr. Deran Oksay pointed out that this was her first appointment in this commission and expressed her excitement with regards to her duty. Prof. Dr. Oksay stated that the commission has enabled them to see what Gazi University can achieve. Likewise, Gazi Education Faculty Member and Quality Commission Member Prof. Dr. Fatma Açık mentioned that she was included in the commission this term and that the process has been very beneficial in terms of being able to realise the capacity of Gazi University and see what it can do. 

Speaking again after the speeches, our Rector Prof. Dr. Yıldız recalled that 2021 is the 95th anniversary of Gazi University, and said "We have left behind us a very troubled year due to the pandemic. We hope to return to normal as the vaccination process begins in January. We are hopeful for the year ahead. Due to it being the 95th anniversary of our university, we will act with the motto "95 YEARS, 95 ACTIVITIES AND 95 STUDIES. Regarding the planning of anniversary activities, we will meet with representatives of all faculties and colleges on January 6, 2021.”

University YÖKAK (Turkish Higher Education Quality Council) Process

In 2017, within the context of the second phase of the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) Institutional External Evaluation Program, the Institutional Monitoring Visit Meeting was held online on December 28, 2020 with the participation of the YÖKAK Monitoring Team and various departments of our University.

Gazi University, one of the first universities to participate in the Institutional External Evaluation Program initiated by the Higher Education Quality Council in 2017, was visited twice by the Evaluation Team; in November 2017 and January 2018. After the evaluation, the Institutional Feedback Report was prepared and presented for the information of our University and the public. With the aim of evaluating the assessment results in the aforementioned report and valuating what has been done in the past three years in areas open to improvement, an online "Monitoring Visit" was held for our university on 28th December 2020 within the scope of the YÖKAK 2020 Institutional External Evaluation, Institutional Accreditation and Monitoring Program.

In the online Monitoring Visit meetings that were held on 28th of December 2020, Trakya University Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan TABAKOĞLU, a three-person Monitoring Team including Bursa Uludağ University Faculty Member and Quality Coordinator Doç. Dr. Necmiye Funda COŞKUN and Higher Education Quality Board Observer Prof. Dr. Aslıhan NASIR, held separate meetings with our Rector Prof. Dr. Musa YILDIZ, Gazi University Quality Commission, Gazi University Senate, Gazi University General Secretary and the directors of administrative departments in which they received information on improvement works since 2018.  The steps taken as well as the steps that will be taken in the name of quality processes at our university was discussed at the meetings.