That the USA's decision to move the Embassy to Jerusalem supported massacres of the terrorist state of Israel which has invited instability and chaos in the Middle East by ignoring international law, UN resolutions and historical and social realities. The fact that this ominous decision was brought to the 70th anniversary of the Nekeba / Catastrophe Day reveals how incredible the incitement and provocation dimension is.

We condemn the faults and partners of the massacre in the first quarter of the 21st century and in the Crusader mentality. It is not acceptable for mankind not to speak in a loud voice and in a holistic manner in the face of the constant violation of the rights of the innocent Palestinian people by the Zionist state for decades, depriving them of their most basic freedoms and finally daring this massacre.

History will write these days as a black spot. The Palestinian people have the right to self-defense. Israeli occupation forces and the United States have used state terrorism by violence against oppressed people in the Middle East. We invite the United Nations and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Hague, and if there is international law and humanity is a bit of a conscience, we expect these institutions to investigate against Trump and Netanyahu promptly.

While we are giving condolences to the innocent and oppressed Palestinian people, we think that the whole world will soon understand that not only our sisters who were martyred while defending their homeland and their honor, but also the law were massacred. Everybody with conscience is invited to take a stand against the US and Israel, to shout their injustice and to stand firm with the Palestinian people. Because 'when everything is over we will remember; our friends will be silent. '


Gazi University Senate