Indonesia Insantama Sekolah Islam Terpadu College Students Visited Gazi Technopark
16 Ekim 2017 15:09

Indonesia Insantama Sekolah Islam Terpadu College teachers and students also visited Turkey after Germany, the Netherlands and Australia within the framework of "Advanced Management and Leadership Program". A group of 98 people made their visit to Teknopark on 3 November.

After the presentation of General Manager Tuğrul İMER on 'Technoparks in Turkey and in the World', Gazi Technopark was introduced. After the presentations, which were watched with great interest by the student group, the questions posed were answered.

Then a presentation was made by the Indonesian students to promote their country. At the end of the presentation, the Indonesian students gave a mini concert with their country's musical instruments.

Companies operating in Teknopark also gave information about their work areas to visitors. The visit ended after collective photo shoot at the entrance of the Technopark building.