The inaugural meeting of project called 'Specialized Ecvet Training for Physiotherapists and Caregivers for People with Cerebral Palsy, which aims to train the caregivers and physiotherapists who have received cerebral palsy in accordance with a standard curriculum, was held. The project, which was co-ordinated by the associate Professor Bülent Elbasan, who is a faculty member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Department, and the leading institutions in Turkey such as Sabancı Spastic Children Foundation, Cerebral Palsy Children Association-SERCEV, will be a project for 3 years within the scope of the training curriculum to be formed within the scope of the project, basic intervention methods, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and other treatment and evaluation methods related to cerebral palsy will be explained. Educational curriculum will be available in different languages simultaneously in the context of android-based phone, tablet etc..

Along with the opening meeting, an international conference on 'Innovation in Cerebral Palsy Care and Rehabilitation' was organized to exchangec information on applications in different countries.