Boost to the Village Primary Schools from Gazi Students
04 Ocak 2017 07:41

Gazi University's Community of Social Responsibility Projects meets meets the needy without slowing down. During the hard winter season,community members didn't forget their little siblings who studied in the villages and visited the students who attended Zeki Tartaç Primary school in Mamak Kızılcaköy.

Gazi University Social Responsibility Projects Group which presented gloves,hats,scarves,coats and boots to the students and did not neglect the lack of stationary of the students. When the children were given oral and dental health education,toothpaste and toothbrush were distributed.



A group of social responsibility projects from student groups operating in Gazi University, regularly conduct social responsibility activities in areas where the community needs it. 'Being volunteer is to be responsible without compulsory'say Community members and they renovated village schools and donate a school library that don't have. They visit old people who are living in Nursing homes and make shelters for the animals living on the streets.


04.01.2017 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations