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A first from Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy: Robotics Quality Simulation Pharmacy
11 Aralık 2017 10:58

Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy opened Dr. Hacı Ahmet Keleşoğlu Robotics Quality Simulation Pharmacy which was designed in accordance with the latest technology.

Speaking at the opening, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Alper Ceylan said that the robotics quality simulation pharmacy is the first and the only example of its kind among pharmacy schools in Turkey. Ceylan also stated that the pharmacy will be used by faculty students for the purpose of a professional laboratory for improving the education and pharmacy practices at a high level.



Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. İlkay Erdoğan gave information about the faculty in his speech. Prof. Dr. Orhan İlkay Erdoğan said that the faculty is one of the seven Turkey's oldest pharmacy schools and the faculty has a national accreditation. He added that they are happy because of the opening of the robotics quality simulation pharmacy. Prof. Dr. Orhan also stated that pharmacy robot system which has samples in pharmacies and hospital pharmacies in foreign countries was established in order for training for the first time in Turkey. He also stated that the system has the feature of being the most modern pharmacy technology that will enable the students to graduate with the knowledge of operating the highest level pharmacy



A robotic pharmacy was established under the sponsorship of Selçuk Ecza Deposu. EBOT pharmacy robot, which is a patented automation system for the resource efficiency of pharmacy, increases the revenue by optimizing the pharmacy area, personnel, time and costs with pharmaceutical and non-pharmacy products, and providing the pharmacy more regularly. Other benefits of the system include: "More accurate and safe drug delivery, more effective and easier stock control/information, increased use of non-pharmaceutical products with more efficient use of space, faster service, e-prescription compliance, staff optimization, minimum staff training requirements, advertising and information displays, sales and revenue growth and safe seizure opportunities.