A First at Gazi University Hospital
13 Nisan 2018 11:08

Hilal Şahan (30) with a heart transplant at Gazi University Hospital  achieved a first in Turkey by making a successful birth. Hilal Şahan, who had a heart transplant operation in our university hospital 15 years ago, brought a boy to the world with caesarean section. So the first time in Turkey at Gazi University Hospital, a patient with a heart transplant gave a birth.



The member of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Prof. Dr.  Deniz Karçaaltıncaba, who performed the birth of the patient, stated that the patient completed the pregnancy process smoothly and in a controlled manner and said, "We had patients previously having   kidney transplantation and giving a birth. But this case is the first in Turkey. Even a normal person goes through a serious adaptation process during the pregnancy. We adjusted some drugs   during pregnancy and  we came to a final stop sucessfully ".

Karçaaltıncaba emphasized that they worked together until the birth together with expert coaches. She said: "There was no serious tension in the blood pressure during pregnancy. The most important reason for this was  the patient's adjustment to the heart before  and so the pregnancy was problem-free. In the 38th week, the baby weighing 3 pounds came to the world with caesarean section. Of course, mother's postpartum follow-ups are also very important. Right now mother is healthy but we do not allow her to breastfeed because the medications she uses are objectionable. " 



Gazi University Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Ahmet Demircan said that, as Gazi University, they are happy and proud to have completed such an important event without any problems and added:  "Many of our experts have worked together. This case is a successful outcome of a multidisciplinary study. For the first time in Gazi Hospital, there was a Siamese twin birth last year. Now, we are proud to have a birth for the first time in Turkey with a heart transplant patient ".


A healthy baby weighing 3 pounds was named  Yiğit Efe. It has been stated that Şahan wanted to have a child for about 5 years and decided to make this birth with the doctor's approval.

Şahan's hearth transplation had been done by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Özdoğan and a team of Prof. Dr. Dilek Erer from Gazi University Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department in 2003 with a technique applied first in  heart transplant in Turkey.