Evaluation (2019-2020 Spring Semester)


1. In order to calculate the pre-evaluation and entrance achievement score for master's / integrated doctoral and doctoral programs, Gazi University Post-graduate Education-Examination and Examination Regulations are taken as basis. The scores obtained are sorted starting from the highest and students are accepted until the announced quota. The evaluation and ranking of foreign candidates is done within themselves.

2. The candidates overall scores will not be calculated in case the candidates written/oral exam score is lower than fifty (50) for MSc programs and lower than sixy (60) for PhD programs, in a scale of 100 points.

3. Candidates with an overall score of 60 or higher will be considered for evaluation exams, within the extent of the student quota.

If the entrance  scores of the candidates are equal, ALES, the interview exam grade and the one with the highest average of undergraduate / graduate degrees are given priority. The results are announced at the relevant institution's network address.