General Application Requirements (2019-2020 Spring Semester)



It is important to examine the program requirements of the relevant Graduate School before applying since Gazi University can determine extra criteria and special conditions apart fromthe minimum application requirements for Graduate School / Department and Programs,

  1. MSc programs can be applied by candidates who have a 4-year bachelors (undergraduate) diploma certificate or an equivalence/recognition certificate obtained from YÖK (Higher Education Council), and those who can finish such a program till the exact registration date.
  1. PhD programs can be applied by candidates who have an MSc (graduate) diploma certificate or an equivalence/recognition certificate obtained from YÖK (Higher Education Council).
  1. Students who have graduated from non-thesis master's programs before 6th of February 2013 or have graduated from the master's program without thesis before this date can apply to doctorate programs.
  1. GPA and other necessary information of candidates applying for MSc programs, are acquired from YÖKSİS (for graduates or who are going to graduate from higher education institutions in Turkey).  The GPA (grade point average) is taken from YÖKSİS database at the date of application for students who are eligible for graduation and whose applications are conditionally accepted. Any changes that may occur in the overall grade point averages in the YÖKSİS database after the application date of these candidates are not taken into consideration. Applicants whose applications are accepted conditionally are entitled to enroll if their graduation grade point averages meet the application criteria. Candidates who do not have YÖKSİS registration need to have YÖKSİS registration and update procedures required from higher education institutions that they will graduate from.
  1. The Graduate School cannot be held responsible for the overlap of the interview / written exam dates and hours in the Master’s (with thesis) and Doctoral programs.
  1. Candidates can apply for a maximum of two graduate programs at Gazi University.
  1. Except for non-thesis master's programs, more than one graduate program cannot be registered and continued at the same time.
  1. In the calculation of graduation grade and grade point average, system the conversion table of Higher Education Council is taken as basis. (out of  4 and out of 100) Graduation grades of the candidates who are graduated / will be graduated graded with 100 points system are converted to 4 points system, but the score value in the 100 points system is used in the evaluation process.
  1. Candidates who have completed the Bachelor's / Master's program abroad must have the equivalence / school recognition certificate obtained from the Higher Education Council.
  1. Gazi University Graduate Education Regulations , Senate decisions and the conditions announced by the Graduate School are taken into consideration in the matters not mentioned above
  1. Before applying for graduate programs, foreign applicants should apply to Education and External Relations Coordination office of our University in person.
  1. Turkish citizens with GRE-GMAT exam score and those who graduated in a foreign country must get in to contact with the Graduate School.
  1. The number of eligible candidates for the programs which conduct written or oral scientific exam, is three times the number of announced student quota.

     14. ALES score may not be required in programs without thesis.

    15. See the admission criteria for graduate programs.

    16. For the equivalence of the diploma grade out of 4 to convert to the system out of 100 grading system check in the system of Higher Education Council;  (

            Foreign Language for ÖSYM Foreign Language Exams Equivalencies;

            ( )

GRE – GMAT for the GRE-GMAT exam results equivalency table used instead of ALES;

( )