An Activity was organized about the evaluate the make scientific publication in international journals in our university.
21 June 2021 | 22:09

Under the scope of the 95th anniversary of the founding of our university, an online event titled "Publishing in International Q1 Journals" was organized by Gazi Education of Faculty. Prof. Dr. Maria Assunção Flores, who is editor of the European Journal of Teacher Education, attended to the event as a speaker. Flores briefed on publishing in international journals which are scanned in the first quarter (Q1), especially in the field of teacher education.

The session's moderator of the conference was taken by Assoc.Prof. Dr.Müzeyyen Nazlı Güngör who is a member of Department of Foreign Language Education, Department of English Language Education and Vice Coordinator of Rectorate Social Affairs Institution. Our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç, Dean of Gazi Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Mahmut Selvi, Vice Dean Associate Professor Serkan Koşar, academicians, graduate students, teacher educators and researchers from various universities from Turkey, have attended to the conference organized online.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç, who made the opening speech of the program, stated that publishing in international journals scanned in the first quarter (Q1); he emphasized that both individual academic contribution and Gazi University's research university qualification are important in terms of preservation and brand value on the scale of the global scientific community.

At the end of his speech, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç thanked everyone who contributed to the organization of the event, especially Prof. Dr. Maria Assunção Flores and Prof. Dr. Mahmut Selvi.

Prof. Dr. Flores stated that they receive more than 500 applications per year in the European Journal of Teacher Education and gave explanatory answers to the questions in the second half of his presentation and made recommendations to the researchers in the future, Flores mentioned how teacher education changed before and after the COVID-19 period, and said that the focus should be on how teaching methods and techniques are shaped in the new normal in teacher education.

The event, which attracted a lot of attention from the participants, ended with the closing speech of Dean Prof. Dr. Mahmut Selvi.

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