An event on "Proactive Learning Environment" was organized at our university.
11 June 2021 | 22:05

On the occasion of 95th anniversary of the establishment of our university, an event on "Proactive Learning Environment" was organized by Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Classroom Education. The event was moderated by Prof. Dr. Rabia Sarıkaya, head of the Department of Basic Education at the Faculty of Education, and was attended by Prof. Dr. Mahmut Selvi, Dean of Gazi Faculty of Education, academicians and students. Professor Sofia Dermendzhieva, Faculty of Pedagogy at Bulgaria's The South-West -Neophyte Rilski University, who attended the event as a speaker, gave information on the proactive learning environment.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sofia Dermendzhieva emphasized that, “Why is proactive interaction important? What does the proactive environment give us? She focused on how the proactive environment takes place.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sofia Dermendzhieva declared that, "Traditionally, it has been that parents, teachers and schools that regulate the relationship of children with their environment. However, these intermediaries are now losing their influence. Through the Internet, children can now enter areas they do not know directly.”, “Children are turning to impossible goals. Usually these role models are virtual personalities. This new situation raises the question: Who bears responsibility to create role models in children's mind?"

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Dermendzhieva declared that "The global way of life has a huge impact on children. Children can hardly resist this. This global way of life is the dominant way of life in the world. It doesn't only affect the children's clothing, the music they listen to but also how they should think and determines their communication and personality.

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Selvi made the closing speech of the event. Selvi expressed his thanks to Associate Professor Dr. Sofia Dermendzhieva, who is lecturer of Pedagogy at The South-West -Neophyte Rilski University in Bulgaria, Prof. Dr. Gergena Dyankova, Prof. Dr. Rabia Sarıkaya, Sibel Hacıbekir and Belgin Doruk.

The event ended after the Q&A.



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