Workshop on Light and Light Based Technologies was organized in Gazi
16 Mayıs 2018 14:29

The first "Light and Light Based Technologies Workshop" organized by Gazi University Photonics Application and Research Center was held in Mimar Kemaleddin Hall.

The first opening speech of the workshop, organized by UNESCO since 16th of May this year was announced as 'International Day of Light', was made by the Director of Photonic Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özçelik. Özçelik expressed the importance of light based technologies in his speech.



UNESCO's 27th term Turkey National Committee Chairman Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz, in his speech, argued that UNESCO is fighting for the existence and sustainability of peace, and because of that education, communication and development must be on the same level all over the world. Oğuz also said that technology must not turn back as a missile as in Palestine and all over the world but it should be looted as mercy.



Hard Reaction from Gazi University Rector Uslan to Massacre in Palestine

Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan started his speechby condemning the massacre in Palestine.He wished mercy on all martyrs and those who reach the level of martyrdom in Palestine. Uslan also wished that the month of Ramadan would bring peace and well-being to our country and the nation.



Prof. Dr. Uslan stated that tyranny, tears and blood in this geography are caused by those who produce the concept of human rights, because their cultures are based on persecution. Gazi University Rector, who expressed that our civilization is a mercy society, said that in order for young people to be able to sustain this, we should have cultural values and have strong technologies. Then, Prof. Dr. Uslan congratulated Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz as he was re-elected as a president at the 27th General Assembly of UNESCO, which was hosted by Gazi University.

Prof. Dr. Uslan, who stated that UNESCO declared "International Day of Light" on 16 May and therefore this workshop was realized by Gazi University. He also reminded that one of the four main titles in Gazi's self-evaluation report is photovoltaic research and applications. Uslan stated that they aim to introduce Gazi University to this area and to bring it to a point producing added value in the name of our country.

Gazi University Rector Uslan, pointed out that this field requires educated human resources so that Turkish companies in the photonics sector, which is included in key technologies in the development of competitive products of our country, can compete with competitors in terms of information and technology.