The Minister of Education of the Republic of Djibouti Visited Our University
27 Şubat 2017 12:19


The Minister of Education of the Republic of Djibouti, Moustapha Mohamed Mahmoud,  and his delegation visited our university on Friday.  Rector Prof.Dr. İbrahim Uslan and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Suna Ağıldere and General Secretary Prof. Dr. Metin Dağdeviren met with the delegation of  Djibouti and the possibility of cooperation  between two countries was discussed.



After the meeting,  the Djibouti delegation visited the Faculty of Technology, and the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. H. Rıza Börklü, made a presentation. After the presentation, the delegation visited the departments and received detailed information from the heads of departments.




27.02.2017 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations