The Honour Day of Gazi Technopark
24 Kasım 2016 12:03


The fourth of Technology Development Regions Performance Index 2015 Award Ceremony performed this year by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology was held at the Presidency Social Complex Beştepe Convention Center.

The awards were delivered in 5 different categories of mature (10 years old and above), developing (5 years old and above, smaller than 10 years old), early stage (below 5 years old) and sorting of the regions showing the best development and in general sorting.

Gazi Techno park has received the 3rd award in the sorting of developing technology development regions (above 5 years old and below ten years old).

The Performance Index of Technology Development Regions is defined by taking the number of techno park ’AR-GE personnel, firm and the project in to account.

While the index is defined, moreover, the constituent parts like techno parks’, finance, promotions, and substructure (input); AR-GE, technology transfer and collaboration, institutionalization, sustainability, eco system development, the investment of technological product (activity), AR-GE, intellectual property, AR-GE results and internationalization (out put) are taken into account.


Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology  Dr. Faruk Özlü,
Techno park Director Tuğrul İmer 



23.11.2016 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations