Technology Conference on Rehabilitation Has Taken Place
29 Ocak 2021 11:17

In the first of our University Health Sciences Faculty Conferences, the subject of "Technology in Rehabilitation" was focused upon. Faculty of Health Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Bülent Elbasan attended the online conference. Prof. Dr. Elbasan said that they will hold a new conference every month as part of the Faculty of Health Sciences Conferences.

Dean Elbasan stated that as a health discipline and science, physiotherapy and rehabilitation has a centuries-old history. Pointing out that the polio epidemic treatment developed due to the need for the rehabilitation of American soldiers injured in the First and Second World War, Prof. Dr. Bülent Elbasan stated that the awareness of physiotherapy and rehabilitation increased due to the intensive employment of physiotherapists in 1920s.

Explaining that the goals in rehabilitation are sitting, standing, walking, running and self-care, Prof. Dr. Elbasan said that these treatment processes should be tailored to the individual and measurable. Explaining that they benefit from technology in this respect, Dean Elbasan said, “In rehabilitation we use technology to obtain measurement and evaluation data, to reach the number of repetitions required for motor learning and for difficulty rating, saving time in functional activities and motivation, for telerehabilitation, cognitive functions and enhanced feedback."

Dean Elbasan, listed the technological rehabilitation practices as; evaluation targeted, mobility robots, self-care and social robots, virtual reality systems, assistant and alternative communication systems and mobile applications. Expressing that thanks to technology, treatments are applied much more successfully today, Dr. Bülent Elsaban stated that patients are treated with advanced technology in the movement and walking laboratories, but these technologies are very expensive. Elbasan added that today patients with spinal cord paralysis or injuries can stand up thanks to robots. The conference ended with a question and answer session.