Symposium at Gazi University in the memory of Fuad Köprülü
24 Nisan 2017 08:14


The first symposium called "International Symposium on Teaching Turkish Language and Literature in the Memory of Bahtiyar Vahapzade" was organized in Azerbaijan in cooperation with Baku Slavyan University and Gazi University on 21-24 October 2010. The second of the symposium was held between the dates of 17-19 April 2017 at Gazi University in the memory of Dr. Fuad Köprülü as 2016 was declared as "The Year of Fuad Köprülü" by UNESCO in 2016.

158 scientists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Poland, Yemen, Western Thrace and Turkey participated in the "II. International Symposium on Teaching International Turkish Language and Literatures in the memory of Fuad Köprülü" which was held by Gazi University, Faculty of Gazi Education, Department of Turkish Language and Literature Education.

The opening speech on behalf of the symposium organizing committee was made by Prof. Dr. İsmet Çetin, the member of Gazi University Faculty of Education. He emphasized that Turkish language and literature education is a strategic field and said that the symposium will discuss the studies carried out in the field of general Turkishness by teaching language and literature in Turkey and especially in Turkish states and communities.



Speaking at the opening ceremony, Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan said that they were very glade to host this event. He also emphasized the place of our university, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, in the Turkish state tradition.



The Dean of Gazi Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Rabia Sarıkaya said, "It is important for the Turkish science world that this symposium is taking place in the 90th anniversary of the Gazi Education Faculty and hence the foundation of Gazi University."



UNESCO Turkey National Commission President Prof. Dr. M. Öcal Oğuz and Ahmet Yesevi University President of the Board of Trustees Dr. Musa Yıldız, TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Fırat Purtaş, and TİKA Vice President Dr. Mehmet Yılmaz also emphasized the significance of the symposium in their opening speeches and expressed their contribution to Turkish language and literature and Turkish science.

During the two-day symposium, Turkish language and literature teaching outside of Turkey, problems and solutions were discussed, and a general evaluation of Turkish language and literature and studies on education in this area was also held.


05.05.2017 / Press and Public Relations Consultancy