Somali and Niger Embassies Visit Gazi University - Gazi Üniversitesi
Somali and Niger Embassies Visit Gazi University
25 Eylül 2017 01:13

Ambassasors of Somali and Nigeria visited Rector Prof. Dr. ibrahim Uslan in his office.

Ambassador of Somali, Abdullahi Mohammed Ali and Ambassador of Nigeria, Salou Gazibo visited Gazi University's Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan in his office. In the visit, made to improve bilateral relations, the steps that could be taken about higher education were discussed.

Rector, who expressed his pleasure about the visit, said that they wanted to develop good relations with the African continent. Having emphasized that the African continent is a tremendous wealth, Rector added that he would be very pleased to carry out academic studies with Somali and Niger as Gazi University.