Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan Meets with the Faculty Members
23 Aralık 2016 14:24

Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan and the faculty members have come together on the occasion of the new year cocktail hosted by the Rector.

Vice Rectors, faculty members and directors of administrative staff have participated in the cocktail, and it has received a great deal of attention.

In the opening speech of the cocktail, the Rector has stated that they have taken office after a rough time such as July 15, however, they define this period not as hard times but as a term bearing high responsibility, and they act upon it. Furthermore, he has pointed out that they have put a great amount of effort into providing unity and a sense of belonging during this 5 months long term.

Having stated that the faculty members and administrative staff have expectations of being tenured, the Rector has delivered good news by saying “We know that approximately 480 faculty members are waiting for the position of associate professorship and professorship. We gave 120 of them their tenure by putting an announcement twice. We have also received permission for the third announcement, there will be an academic tenure for approximately 50 more faculty members. We also plan to make an announcement within the next month.”

Another good news from Rector Uslan concerned the support for the academic staff attending scientific symposiums and conferences. He has declared that the conference participation fees of the faculty members will be met by the university as well, and that there is a 50 % raise in the conference support fees.

Having stated that the last commission decisions concerning the Scientific Research Projects (SRP) have been annulled, Rector Uslan has said that the SRP unit now has a cash asset at the value of 4 million 500 thousand TL by the end of 2016 by means of this annulment while it was previously a debtor till the end of 2017. The Rector has also mentioned that the SRP commission has made a decision to support the proposals of Graduate Thesis Projects and Independent Scientific Research, and that a rise has been made in the financial support.

Rector has wished serenity, peace and well-being to the Faculty Members, our University, Nation, spiritual geography and all humanity, and later on, he has had a talk with each faculty member and listened to their wishes and problems.

Colourful Images from the Cocktail