Protocol signed between Gazi University and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
15 Ocak 2018 11:08

The 'Continuing Education Centers Certification Program' protocol was signed between Gazi University and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, which is continuing to take important steps to develop scientific studies and to produce ideas.

10 Research Universities and 5 Candidate University representatives participated in the ceremony, the protocol made with the University of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Prof. Faruk Özlü and Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan.




Speaking at the signing ceremony in the Ministry building, Özlü said that the main aim of the business association is to train human resources in order to develop high-tech products and similar protocols will be the steps that will bring the Turkish industry to the future.

As a ministry, Özlü explains that they have signed many joint projects with universities until today. "Today, we will have a new project to make our continuous education centers more functional. In this direction, we will enhance the qualities of the workforce that will work in the design and development of high value added products."

While creating the project, Özlü stated that they determined the needs of companies that were declared as R & D and design center by the Ministry and operating in the technology development regions. He stated that the personnel they employed asked the trainers what kind of trainings they needed.

Özlü explained that they have decided to provide training support under the titles of project management, R & D, technology and innovation management, information technology management in response to the responses from companies.

Özlü said that in the first stage 10 research universities and 5 candidate universities will provide training in the continuous training centers within the university, he used the expression "This training program will become even more common in the coming days".

The technology race is accelerating all over the world under the influence of Industry 4.0. "The technology race is accelerating with the influence of Industry 4.0 all over the world. Turkey, aside from lagging behind in this race, the race will be one of the leading countries. Rapidly changing and evolving technology in different dimensions every day has also changed the human resource policies.