Great Achievement from a Gazi University Academician
18 Nisan 2018 09:47

At the 46th Geneva International Inventions Fair, Prof. Dr. Raşit Ahıska from the Department of Physics at the faculty of Science won the gold medal with "Desktop Thermoelectric Ice Machine".

In Geneva, Switzerland, more than 700 participants from 45 countries participated in the fair. Nearly 1000 original invention that consist of high technology and provide practical solutions for everyday life in various fields was introduced.

The four Turkish inventors who attended the exhibition with the support of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Association (TÜRKPATENT) showed their success with three gold medals. The invention of Prof. Dr. Raşit Ahıska, producing 30-50 grams of ice in 1-3 minutes and serving it automatically or manually with high heat pipes and thermoelectric technologies, very new in the few countries in the world and in Turkey, has seen intense interest in the fair.

Only Gazi University took place in the fair from Turkey and Ahıska's "Desktop Thermoelectric Ice Machine" was awarded the special prize from Iran, Romania and Portugal in the fair.

Ahıska, thanking for their support to TÜRKPATENT, said, "This invention will not only save energy but also provide clean drinking water savings. This award has also made a great contribution to the mission of being a research university of Gazi University at the same time. The support given by the university administration to such work encourages the emergence of new discoveries. "