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Gazi University Submitted the Title of the Honorary Doctorate to the Deputy Speaker İsmail Kahraman
29 Temmuz 2017 07:22


The title of the Honorary Doctorate, which was decided to be given to the President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mr. İsmail Kahraman at the meeting of the University Senate on April 13, 2017, was presented with the ceremony held on 15 May 2017 at the University's Mimar Kemaleddin Hall.



Numan Kurtulmuş, Technology Minister Faruk Özlü, as well as the Council of State President Zerrin Güngör and the Auditor General Sayit Ahmet Baş, some members of parliament, members of the Higher Education Council, high judicial members, rectors, undersecretaries, senior bureaucrats, former ministers, representatives of many institutions, organizations and NGOs, and members of the press participated in the ceremony which was organized to give  the title of the Honorary Doctorate to Veteran President İsmail Kahraman who is the president of  Veteran Parliament that had a  a vital mission to prevent the coup and occupation initiative on July the 15th, in the field of "Political Science and Social Sciences". In addition, the families of the students of Muhammed Yalçın and Mustafa Avcu, the martyr students of our  university, were special guest of the ceremony.


In the ceremony held, the students of the Gazi University Conservatory gave a mini concert and immediately after the concert, "Gazi's 15th of July Martyrs Documentary" was shown. During the documentary screening, the people in the hall experienced soulful moments.

After the documentary screening, Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, who made the ceremony opening speech, said that the whole world witnessed the glorious resistance of the Turkish people on 15th of   July and that the 15th of July will take place in the golden pages of our history. Uslan spoke:

"July the 15th was the latest liberation struggle of our paradise country. The glorious resistance against the attack which was organized to destroy our independence and destiny will undoubtedly take  place in the golden pages of our history. Because, everybody from the commander-in-chief to the every individual were eager to give his/her life for the sake of the fatherland undoubtedly. The courage, determination and heroism of our "Veteran Parliament", which was kept open under the bombs and which kept saying the words of our National Anthem- " I have been free since the beginning and forever shall be so/ What madman shall put me in chains! I defy the very idea!"-  were the milestones of this glorious resistance.



Afer taking his Honorary Doctorate Diploma from Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, the President of the Parliament İsmail Kahraman said "I am very pleased to take the  the title of Honorary Doctorate awarded by Gazi University which is one of the leading universities of Turkey" and he added "I also thank to the distinguished  members of Gazi University Senate". Talking about the memories of his studenthood during his speech, Kahraman said that he wanted Medicine Faculty at the time he entered the university exam, but he won  his second preference, the İstanbul University Faculty of Law, and graduated from there. Kahraman said that there were only 7 universities in the country and 40 thousand students studying in the country when he entered the university. Kahraman stated that there are 183 universities,  65 of which are foundation universities in our country now. Underlining the need for Turkey to reach higher levels as nation and state, Assembly Speaker Kahraman said:

"This progress is not single-winged. We must aim at higher points with knowledge, with moral, with teaching, with substance and with spirituality. We must increase peace and security, end terrorism and make welfare more widespread. We must take our national income to a much higher level. We must increase the rate of higher education to at least 70 percent. We should not have unemployed children; Turkey should become the employment base of the region. If we can do that, our people do not wait in the visa queues and our passport is respected everywhere in the world. Then the hope of young people for tomorrow increases. They become more connected not only with their emotional bonds but also with their material ties to their countries".



Kahraman emphasized that today we live in a free and democratic country but much effort was made for this. He said that our country passed social engineering periods, rejecting the national values ​​and understanding of the country, but they made important contributions to Turkish history, culture, faith, national unity and integrity. In his speech, he claimed that  some of the distortions in the legislation  prepared   the various traps for Turkey.  He said "I believe that the history of strike  is now closed in Turkey". Commemorating the 249 martyrs we lost on July the 15th, Kahraman  spoke as follows:

"Those who do not want our country to progress and those who see our country as an obstacle have set up traps for our national unity and integrity at different times. Some of the distortions in our legislation set the stage for this. Our democracy met with 17 coups from 27 May 1960 to nowadays. Some of them happened and some did not. The 15th of July coup attempt was an initiative that was dismissed before it reached its goal. Believe me, I would like to express that the history of coups  has been closed in Turkey". 

During the honorary doctoral ceremony, the opening ceremony of the Sports Complex and the Conference Hall was also held. The names of our students who fell a martyr on 15th of July  was given to these buildings. The name of Muhammed Yalçın, a student of Sports Science Faculty of our university, was given to the Youth, Sports and Education Center Facility in our university while the name of Mustafa Avcu, a student of Engineering Faculty Department of Civil Engineering, was given to the Academy  Hall in the Engineering Faculty.



After the honorary doctorate ceremony, the Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman dismissed his feelings and thoughts on the honor book in the Rector's Office.




Following the ceremony, İsmail Kahraman took a souvenir photo with the members of the Senate and other guests.





15.05.2017 / Press and Public Relations Consultancy