Gazi University Rector  Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan's 2017-2018 Academic Year Message - Gazi Üniversitesi

Dear students, esteemed academic and administrative staff of our university;

As a member of Gazi University, which has enlightened our country since 1926 in science, education and training, I am proud and pleased to welcome you with the 2017-2018 Education Year.

Gazi University, which represents the Republic of Turkey in the highest scientific order in the world, is continuing education in various fields such as communication, education, engineering,  fine arts, wholesale, pharmacy, dentistry,  literature, statistics and banking. Our graduates who make us proud thanks to the successes in their professions have a significant contribution to the development of our country by assuming a leading role in society.


Dear students,

As a result of your outstanding success, you have won our university, one of the most important higher education institutions of our country, and now you are a member of the Gazi University family. We are opening up the door of our university to the last. Now it is your turn. We expect you to take the flag you took from our graduates in this flag race, even further. We will always offer you our support in this regard. You are next to us in every step we take to develop and grow our country. As a student of a well-established university with  qualified teaching staff and social opportunities, live "the privilege of being a member of Gazi University". Do not forget that you made a very correct decision by choosing our university. I congratulate you on your success and wish you success in your education life.


Dear Gazi University Members,

The autonomy of our academic staff is crucial in ensuring that the highest level of efficiency is obtained from the educational activities of our university and that our students are able to make the most of the quality educational opportunities we offer. In this context, the contributions of our administrative staff can never be ignored. All Gazi University members act in unity and togetherness in line with the responsibility of being the member of  Gazi University. As a staff member of Gazi University, you are presenting all your knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm for the enjoyment of our students and our society. As Gazi University management, we are trying to give you a better working environment. I am deeply convinced that we will move Gazi University together further.

I wish that the new academic year will bring success and well-being to our students, academic and administrative staff.  With love and respect,


Gazi University Rector

Prof. Dr. İbrahim USLAN