Gazi University is on the Land of the Martyrs - Gazi Üniversitesi
Gazi University is on the Land of the Martyrs
16 Ekim 2017 02:23

The event "Gazi is on the Way of Martyrs" prepared by Gazi University took place in Çanakkale on 21-22 October, 2017. Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan and the Rector of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer participated in the activity and students showed great interest to this event.

On the first day of the event, the football teams from two university students played a friendship game and Gazi University won 4-3. Prof. Dr. Uslan congratulated the players and technical directors of the two teams one by one and said, "We watched a friendship match worthy of the name. While the winner of this game is Gazi University, I would like to declare this encounter friendly. I wish success and well-being to our young people who struggled gentlemanly in the future".



Gazi gives importance to Çanakkale

Rector of Onsekiz Mart University Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer reminded that the University celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation and said "I would like to express my thanks to my colleague Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan for the activities we have carried out together with Gazi University, one of the well-known universities of Turkey. We were very happy that Gazi University gives much importance to Çanakkale. We are pleased to welcome the Rector of Gazi University and our guests on the soil of our martyrs which we are on now. The cooperation between the two universities will continue".

In the event, the two universities organized a joint panel and participants visited the Çanakkale Monument and martyrdom on the last day of the activity. Prof. Dr. Celal Türer from Gazi University Faculty of Theology was also among the participants who attended the event.