Gazi University commemorates the 18 March Martyrs’ Memorial Day and Çanakkale Naval Victory
01 Mart 2017 08:06


Gazi University commemorated the March 18 Martyrs’ Memorial Day and the 102nd anniversary of the Çanakkale Naval Victory with an organisation with the participation of families of our Gazi’ martyrs and the program experienced emotional moments. The documentary called "the Martyrs of Gazi" prepared by Gazi University Division of Art Education under the Department of Fine Arts Education was presented in the program. In the documentary prepared with the support of the families of the Martyrs, the homeland of the child was remembered as the martyrs of Gazi, losing his life in the process from the Cyprus defense to the treacherous coup attempt of July 15th.



Rector Prof. Dr. Uslan made the opening speech of the program “Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs Memorial Day” prepared with the cooperation with Gazi University Faculty of Education and the Institute of Educational Sciences. Uslan read verses from Mehmet Akif’s poems and said “I commemorate all of our martyrs who have come to this land to for the dependence of our country and passed through eternity, with gratitude and thanksgiving”. Uslan, who stated that he will be in Çanakkale tomorrow, said, "I will pass on the greetings of everyone who is here to our Mehmetçik (soldiers) who taught us the love of motherland and virtue."



In his speech, Uslan said that the memorial project planned to be made in Gazi Square on behalf of the martrys of Gazi had been approved by the university senate, and added “The martyrs of Gazi will live there forever with their names in Gazi Square”. Uslan also acknowledged that one thousand students would be taken to Çanakkale by the end of the semester.

Prof. Dr. Rabia Sarıkaya, the Dean of Gazi University Faculty of Education, said “Today we came together to remind the Çanakkale victory we had won 102 years ago and to remember the most real, most honorable heroes of history, the hundreds of thousands of martyrs, with mercy and gratitude” and added, “To understand and tell Çanakkale Victory is every Turks’ mission. As Gazi University, we act with this consciousness”. She said “We need more than ever for national unity and cohesion on our brotherhood, faith, patience and sacrifice on behalf of our past, our present and our future” and added “Çanakkale spirit should never be forgotten”.



While a plaque and a certificate of honor were presented to the relatives of the martyrs participating in the program, there were emotional minutes when the relatives of the martyrs appeared on the stage. Levent Uzlu, a close relative of the martyr, attended the ceremony and gave his thanks to Gazi University. The mother of martyr who gave Turkish flag on her chest was applauded for minutes.





17.03.2017 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations