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Gazi University commemorates the 15th of July Martyrs
01 Ağustos 2017 09:16

Within the activities of 15th of July Democracy and National Union Day, a memorial ceremony was held in which the relatives of the martyrs talked, documentary demonstrations and the conference. The event held in Mimar Kemaleddin Hall and was opened with the Turkish Music Conservatory lecturer Barış Gürkan and the heroism songs performed by the students.



The opening speech of the ceremony was made by Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, the Rector of the university. The President, who commemorated the martyrs we lost on 15 July, said, "It is a happy day, In his speech, the Rector, who lost his life in the attempt of treacherous coup of July 15, gave the name of Muhammad Yalçın, the student of the school of our municipal and university college of sports, with the decision of the University Senate in order to keep the name of our martyrs always alive. He also said that Mustafa Avcu, a student of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Engineering, gave his name to the Academy Hall in the Faculty of Engineering.



At the commemoration program, the families of Mustafa Avcu and Muhammed Yalçın, who were killed on July 15th, also attended. On the occasion of the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, Ayhan Avcu, the father of Mustafa Avcu, a student of Gazi University Engineering Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, who was killed before the General Staff presidency, said that he was also a veteran and said, "I am a veteran, my son is a martyr. Maybe my grand child will be killed in the future. But we will continue to defend the homeland at all times. "Ayhan Avcu, who described his son Mustafa Avcu in his speech, said, "We made the evening and the night prayer together. When the news came out we went out together. "He told the 15th of July. When he receives the news of the martyrs, Father Avcı said that he put his trust in him. "We come to ourselves when Mustafa's gone, the martyr's place." said.

Muhammed Yalçın's sister, also attended the commemoration program who was killed in front of the presidential mansion when he was 22 years old. Kader Yalçın, Muhammed Yalçın’s sister said; 'Muhammed fell martyr while defending his country and flag at the night of July 15. He always honored us. He honored us again as he traveled from this world. "She said. Kader Yalcın, told them that they had listened to the false declaration together, and my father was talking to Muhammed on the phone  when a bomb was thrown at the 'Presidential Complex'. My brother fell martyr in that bomb. The last words of my brother was 'my father' Sister Yalçın, who said that he was doing a grave ceremony on Friday when we passed the graduation ceremony of his brother who was a martyr who was a senior student at Gazi University, went to his brother's grave on July 14, dressed him in his robe and put on his cap. We graduated in our heart. 'She said'.



Following the speech of martyrs’ close relatives Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences dean Prof. Dr. Gonca Bayraktar Durgun gave a lecture entitled '15th July, Coups and International Terrorism'. Still, talking to 'Today we are breathing comfortably thanks to our martyrs 'saying' This is not a coup attempt. When we deal with this in all aspects, it will be seen that This is the occupation project of Turkey. There's a lot of data about this treacherous night. July 15th is the international terrorism that we are experiencing."

Memorial program 'Gazi's 15th of July Martyrs Documentation' showed the sad times during the show. At the commemoration ceremony, the place where the activities of 15th of July night was most intense was the demonstration of the Gazi Hospital's 15th of July Heroes Documentation, where the speeches of the employees of the University Hospital and the veterans treated in the hospital were performed.


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