Gazi University’s Memorial Ceremony for the Cyprus Martyrs
23 Aralık 2016 14:05


The documentary named “Gazi’s Cyprus Heroes” was screened at our university on the occasion of the National Struggle and Martyrs Week. Ankara Embassador of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Fazıl Can Korkut, Education and Culture Attachés of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mustafa Üzümcü and Canev Engelkıran, Cyprus veterans, a number of lecturers and students attended the documentary screening. Dedicated to the heroes of the Gazi University prepared by Gazi University’s Division of Art Education and directed by the Lecturer Barış Konor from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Research Assistant Murat Aslan from the Division of Art Education, the documentary commemorates the heroism of Turgut Sıtkı, Mehmet Mustafa, Kemal Özalper, who became a martyr in the Cyprus Defence in 1964; Hüseyin Salih Bora, who fell a martyr during 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation and Medical Commander Nihat İlhan serving during Cyprus Operation, whose wife and three children were brutally murdered by the Greeks.



The opening speech was made by Gazi University’s Department of Fine Arts Education, Head of the Division of Art Education Prof. Dr. Alev Çakmakoğlu Kuru. Stating that Gazi University has sacrificed 34 martyrs in 90 years since its establishment, she said “Four of our martyrs united with our country’s land in the name of Turkish nation.” She also mentioned that the documentary had been prepared under very modest conditions, though with huge amounts of love and respect.



Our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan made a speech before the screening, saying “We learned Beşparmak Mountains during the 1974 Peace Operation via the Cyprus defence. We learned Beşparmak Mountains and drawing the Cyprus map with our eyes closed. We have grown up with these national feelings. There were tales that are getting spread regarding the heroism of our soldiers. We have grown up with these tales. Cyprus was everything for us. I’m re-living those years here now.” Stating his happiness to hold such a programme under the roof of Gazi University, where universal knowledge gets created by national and local attitude, our Rector also said “I’m profoundly feeling the honor of being a part of Gazi University.”



Ankara Embassador of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Fazıl Can Korkut mentioned in his speech that it was important to bring the unknown or underrecognized heroes to the daylight, though the history was well-known on the macro level. He said “In the face of Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, I extend my gratitude, to Gazi University for organizing and hosting such a programme during the National Struggle and Martyrs Week.”



23.12.2016 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations