Gazi's Artists Blackened Their Works In Memory of Hocalı Martrys
27 Şubat 2017 11:27


The opening of the exhibition named 'Memory of 613 Hocalı Martrys' organized by the Department of Painting and Education of the Gazi Education Faculty of our University and the Turkish Art Society.

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, Ankara Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Faig Bagirov and Mustafa Ak, Mayor of Keçiören, signed the opening ceremony.



Our Rector thanked the artists for saying that we are not the children of a civilization that 'Kazikli Voivodes, the Bosnian murderers, the murderers of a mother in Cyprus with three children, the ones who carried out the genocide in Hocalı', we are the children of a civilization that says 'who kills a man, kills all mankind' and 'do not have mercy, who has no mercy' and I thank God for this' said Rector.



Mustafa Ak, thanked artists who blacked out his works, and said 'one nation will take an important lesson from history as two states and has never been such a painful life'. Ambassador Bagırov, who attended the ceremony, expressed that the exhibition is very meaningful and emphasized that it is an important task for our young people to tell about this genocide.

The exhibition also exhibits the works of the Gazi Education Faculty, Painting-Work Education Department and the art works of the Turkish Art Group artists which are destined to commemorate the martrys of Hocalı. The exhibition in Keçiören Estergon Turkish Culture Center can be visited until March 5th.


27.02.2017 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations