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Being a Gazi University Member Becomes a Privilege in TAI
29 Ocak 2018 16:21

The Engineer Training Protocol was signed between Gazi University and TAI TUSAŞ Turkish Aerospace and Space Industries Co. in a ceremony held on January 23, 2018.

According to the protocol, 3rd and 4th grade students from the departments of Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Communication, Aerospace, Aerospace, Industry, Computer, Metallurgy and Materials, Chemistry and Mechatronics Engineering can apply to the programme. Students who will spend at least one full day per week as "Intern Engineer" in TAI will have the opportunity to get a real working experience in a large institution.



The Prof. Dr. Ömer Keleş, the Dean of Gazi University Faculty of Engineering, explained the details of the protocol signed.

Can you give information about the cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and TAI?

There is more than one step in cooperation between our faculty and TAI. The first one is the Engineer Training Program. With this program, which started for the first time in our university, students will start to work in TAI under the title of "Intern Engineer". 203 applications were received for the program to start this term.

How did the idea of cooperation come about?

Because the defense industry is located in Ankara, we have very close relations with all the defense industry as Gazi University. TAI will also need about 10 thousand engineers within the scope of many projects, especially the National Combat Plane project. These jobs are being made, but it takes almost 2 years for an engineer to be fully productive. That means cost and employee growth. With this project engineers who will be able to grow from the core will come to know the work and working conditions after graduation. As a result, a win - win situation has emerged for both TAI and Gazi University.

What are the terms of application?

The applications are made on the website of TAI. If 3rd and 4th grade students meet at least 2.5 averages, they will get the right to apply. After the applications, an interview will be made by TAI and candidates will be determined accordingly. Applicants will be constantly open on the internet, and students from Engineering and Technology Faculty can apply at any time.

What are the working conditions of the students?

As mentioned, students will work as Intern Engineers. There will be an engineer who is interested in them and intern students will work in his responsibility and counseling. Students will have at least one full-day at TAI per week according to their course schedule and they will be able to go more during holidays or in the event of more vacant days. Insurance will be paid by the university and paid according to TAI's working hours.

Are there other privileges for the students of Gazi University?

On average, Gazi graduated engineers working at TAI are in the second place. We will start academic work, the second step of cooperation, to increase the employment opportunities of graduates of Gazi University. TAI will provide funding and scholarship opportunities to our students and advisors who will be finishing their thesis. These opportunities will vary in both licensing and postgraduate studies. We think that these studies will increase in the coming period. We already have theses ongoing with various defense industry institutions and organizations.


The Dean of Gazi University Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Ömer Keleş