Aleppo themed panel was organized at our University
29 Aralık 2016 15:23

“The Euphrates Shield Operation: Aleppo and Syrian Turkmen” titled panel which was organized by Gazi University the Middle East and Central Asia Research and Application Center (GORAM) and evaluated the Euphrates Shied Operation which started on August 24, 2016, was held  in Mimar Kemaleddin Hall on December 29, 2016.

At the panel where AK Party Ankara Deputy Prof. Dr. Vedat Bilgin appeared as a guest, Çankaya University faculty member Prof. Dr. Mahir Nakip, Necmettin Erbakan University faculty member Prof. Dr. Ayşe Dudu Kuşçu and the President of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly Dr. Emin Bozdoğan were panel speakers.



Our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan who made an opening speech, began speaking by saying, “Halep oradaysa arşın burada, in English put your money where your mouth is” and added that “What İstanbul, Bursa, Konya means for us today is same as what Aleppo did mean for us in the past. When it is considered that the nearly half of Aleppo’s prewar population up to 4.5 million is Turkmen, Aleppo is still İstanbul for us today. Aleppo is still Konya, Aleppo is still Bursa for us. At this panel which we, Gazi University, organized, we are striving for being a part of our nation’s character of being ensar (people from Madinah who helped immigrant Muslims) for the oppressed and immigrants, we are striving for being “a drop of water” for Aleppo.”



The Director of Gazi University Middle East and Central Asia Research and Application Center and the organizer of the panel Prof. Dr. Varis Çakan began his speech with the poem of a Turkmen poet and stated that they organized this panel in an attempt to make a contribution, to some extent, to put out the fire in Aleppo. “Today Aleppo is burning, a glorious history is burning in the Middle East. It is time to put out the fire.” Çakan also said that “Today imperialist powers are slaughtering people before the world’s eye, in fact they are slaughtering not only humanity there, but also the millenarian Turkish-Islamic civilization.”



AK Party Ankara Deputy Prof. Dr. Vedat Bilgin who delivered a speech at the opening of the panel stated that “Turkey serves as a model for elimination of colonialism in the Middle East, democratization of all nation-states in the Middle East and management of their development by themselves.” and added that this situation leads the West to come out against Turkey completely. Bilgin who stated that what happened in the Middle East is not only a matter of Syria, Aleppo, said that “This matter is a matter of Turkey against the West.



Additionally, “Do not let Humanity die in Aleppo” titled multi-media presentation prepared by Anatolia Agency was shown at the panel.


29.12.2016 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations