Alaş's Unforgettable Poet Mağcan Cumabay was commemorated at Gazi University
20 Şubat 2018 10:28

Alaş's memorable poet Mağcan Cumabay was commemorated at the conference at Gazi University's Mimar Kemaladdin Hall on the 125th anniversary of his birth. The program was realized on February 19, 2018 with the collaboration of TÜRKSOY, Turkology Research and Application Center of our university, Ankara Embassy of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Board of Trustees of Ahmet Yesevi University, Keçiören Municipality and Eurasia Writers Association.

Opening speeches were given by the Head of Turkology Research and Application Center Prof. Dr. Hülya Kasapoğlu Çengel, Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak, Türksoy General Secretary Düsen Kasienov, Rector of Gazi University Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, Undersecretary of Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan ErenayDarjibayev, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Hüseyin Yayman, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Abzal Sparbekuly and Principal Consultant of the Presidency Yalçın Topçu.



Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan remembered  that they organized a commemoration concert on behalf of Azerbaijan's famous composer Gara Garayev during the 100th anniversary of his birth last week and said : "Gazi University has the strongest contact with its roots. Today we are happy to organize a memorial conference at the 125th birthday of Mağcan Cumabay."

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan also emphasized that Mağcan Cumabay wrote his name politically in Kazakhstan's history and he added: "Alaş's  struggle is not only Kazakh people-centered in Turkestan geography. It is a great struggle for the independence of all Turkish peoples. In the establishment of today's modern Kazakhstan Republic, Cumabay and those who  struggled for the Alaş have very important roles."

Gazi University Rector Uslan: "Cumabay is the Common Value of the Turkish World"

Gazi Üniversity Rector Uslan expressed that Alaş intellectuals left a trace in their short life not only politically, but also with their artistic aspects. He added; "Mağcan Cumabay, who is brought up with the idea of ​​İsmail Gaspira's Jedidianism, is one of the pioneers of the national awakening and Alaş movement in Turkestan, not only for the Kazakh people, but also for the common value of the whole Turkish world. He is a poet who deserves to be transferred to generations by his poems."

Gazi University Rector said that Cumabay's poem named "Distant Brotherhood" is a witness to his sensitivity to the Turkish Independence War and his support for the liberation struggle of Turkish troops in Çanakkale. He said; "he poetry expresses the fact that the Anatolian and Kazach people who live far away from each other share the same destiny and the same concern." Uslan finally completed his words by reading a section from the poem "Distant Brotherhood".

Yalçın Topçu: Cumabay is a Poet calling to  Anatolia with his Poems

Principal consultant of the President Yalçın Topçu said that Mağcan Cumabay had collected a donation to support the War of Independence in his country and he was an important name of Alaş movement. Topçu said that he tried to prevent the Sovietization of the Kazakh Turks with his works, and defended the necessity of owning ancestral homeland and independence. He also added that  his writings and ideas disturbed the Stalin administration and then threats and atrocities started for him and his friends.

Topçu reminded that Cumabay was deported in 1930 and he came out of prison in 1936, but the Russian secret service pursued him. The Stalinian government made persecution and torture that would not come to mind with this honorable Kazakh Turk. Mağcan Cumabay who wanted to be martyred in Çanakkale and the War of Independence by  fighting  with his brother was martyted in 1938 when he was 45 years old by Stalin, the murderous dictator and the Muslim and Turkish enemy.

Following the speeches, TÜRKSOY presented a plaque to the participants to commemorate the day of the protest and Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Ankara Abzal Sparbekuly presented a Medal of Honor to Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak.