Academicians of Gazi University Receive 'International Publication Incentive Awards'
01 Mayıs 2017 12:26

'International Publication Incentive Awards' was given to the owners with a ceremony held in Mimar Kemaleddin Hall. 1191 works which include 903 papers, 244 citations, 18 patents, 21 projects, 3 industrial designs, 1 book and 1 book section were awarded with a prize totally. The applications of our academicians for 2016 was taken into consideration at the 21st ceremony which was held this year.

Speaking at the ceremony, our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan emphasized that our university which celebrates its 90th anniversary became one of the 5 universities in Turkey that take place in 9 of the 10 international rating institutions according to the statement made by URAP on March 27, 2017. He also said that according to another explanation made on May 15, 2017, our university succeeded to enter the world order in 13 science fields in 2016-2017. Prof. Dr. Uslan said "Gazi is a world brand" and he added;

"Our university, which is listed on 25 of the 41 scientific fields, has become the third university that has the highest degree in science. In Turkey; we are able to be the 3rd in Materials Engineering, 4th in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical-Electronics Engineering, 6th in Medical and Health Sciences, Biology, Pharmacology and Dentistry, 7th in Civil Engineering, Physics and Mathematics and the 8th in Chemistry. Also, we succeeded to take place in the top 500 in the world rankings in the fields of Civil Engineering, Dentistry, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Pharmacology.



Our Rector, who also talks about the work done from the day they took up the task, said that they increased the amount of scholarship thesis support to 15 thousand TL for master degree and to 25 thousand TL for Phd degree for Scientific Research Projects to motivate our academicians. He also said that they founded "Gazi University Science, Education, Art, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee " ,whose short name is Gazi BEST Board, in order to make our university more dynamic and productive in research activities with high value added outputs and project-focused collaborations and project-focused outputs.

Rector Uslan stated that Gazi was among the 25 universities selected from the 58 applications for the Research University which would be supported, and also the self-evaluation report as a university was submitted to the Higher Education Council on 7 June 2017. Rector said that some regulations were made at the senate meeting on February 13, 2017 under the direction of academic promotion and appointment criteria for increasing the quality of academic staff. Our Rector said, "For example, the candidates who completed his/her doctorate program abroad or who spend at least one year of post-doctoral education and who work at research institutions abroad are no longer required to have passed at least 2 years after receiving the doctor's title according to the basic criteria of promotion and appointment for the assistant professorship".

Our Rector, who said that the university has increased the sieve more every day, stated that in 2016 according to the year 2015, the number of faculty members decreased by 131 people, but the number of articles pointed to increase. The Rector said "the number of faculty members decreased by 131 in 2016, whereas the number of articles increased from 1274 to 1522. The total number of articles that received prizes increased to 1991 from 995. In terms of the number of articles per faculty member, the first was Faculty of Science (1.53), and the others were Faculty of Pharmacy (1.34), Faculty of Health Sciences (0.97), Engineering Faculty (0.86) and Technology Faculty (0.70)."

The Rector, who also stated that 2016 was an efficient year in terms of production, said that 21 projects were awarded by award commisions in total.

At the award ceremony, the distribution of the awards given under the titles of articles, citations, patents, projects, books, book sections and industrial design was as follows:

Faculty of Science 290; Faculty of Medicine 264; Faculty of Technology 136; Faculty of Engineering 130; Faculty of Pharmacy 100; Faculty of Education 74; Dentistry 54; Health Sciences 30; IIBF 17; Technical Sciences Vocational High School 14; Polatlı Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Institute of Science 11; Faculty of Sport Sciences 9; Health Sciences Institute 8; Life Sciences Research and Application Center 4; Earthquake Engineering Research and Application Center and Faculty of Architecture 2; Institute of Tourism and Social Sciences 1.

After his speech, Rector Uslan gave the awards of our academicians one by one.


14.06.2017 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations