613 Martyrs of Khojaly was Commemorated with the events at Gazi University - Gazi Üniversitesi
613 Martyrs of Khojaly was Commemorated with the events at Gazi University
27 Şubat 2018 14:44

"The Unheard Scream Khojaly International Painting and Sculpture Awards Ceremony and Exhibition" organized by Gazi University Faculty of Art Education Department and the Turkish Art Society was held in the University's Architect Kemaleddin Hall on February 26, 2018.



The Azerbaijani Ambassador of Turkey Khazar İbrahim, Deputy of Principal consultant of President Azerbaijani Berhuz Hasanov, Azerbaijani Deputy and Khojal's last governor Elman Memmedov, AK Party Adana Deputy Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Yaşar Aydemir, the head of Gazi University Faculty of Art Education Department Prof. Dr. Alev Çakmakoğlu Kuru, faculty members, guests and students attended to the event hosted by Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan.

Çakmakoğlu Kuru, who made the first speech, began the words as follows: "Today is February 26... Today's name is Khojaly... Not only in this hall, in Turkey or Azerbaijan, in every region of the earth Turkish hearts are trembling today in sorrow. Kuru also said that they have organized this program hoping that the humanity will share the same pain and added;", "We still feel the pain of the massacre that took place on 26 February 1992".



Rector Uslan: We want justice to Khojaly

Gazi Univarsity Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan began his speech as follows; "At the night that connects the February 25 to February 26, massacres carried out by Armenians on the Azerbaijani territory of Khojaly, the territory of our nation brothers, was written on the history as a dark stain page which will not be forgotten forever". Rector Prof. Dr. Uslan reminded that 613 people were brutally murdered and massacred by the Armenian forces who had not taken the course of humanity.

Despite the fact that 26 years have passed since the massacre, the Armenian occupation has not yet ended and justice has remained unchanged. Prof. Dr. Uslan said, "613 of our martyrs are 63 babies and children, 106 women and 70 elder. Both mother and father of 25 of our children were martyred. 130 children's mothers or fathers were martyred. Our 150 brothers are still lost. Gazi University, keeping in mind the 613 martyrs of Khojaly as every year, is still trying to become a partner to the suffering of our Azerbaijani brothers. We are with 1 million people waiting to return to their homes in the occupied territories. We condemn the massacre of Khojaly with the scientific and artistic activities we organize every year and we want justice for Khojaly".

Khazar İbrahim: I thank the Gazi University

Khazar İbrahim said that he came to Ankara as an ambassador a few months ago and visited Gazi University for the first time and said, "This is the first institution I visited because I know the respect of Turkism and the Turkish spirit of Gazi University". Khazar İbrahim thanked to our  Rector Prof. Dr. Uslan and those who contributed in organizing the event.

Azerbaijan deputy Mammadov, working as the governor on February 26, 1992 and lost all his family during the massacre of Khojaly said that Khojaly  crime was against the humanity. Mammadov has noticed that the criminals have not been punished despite the 26 years that have passed.



After the speeches, awards were given to the winners in the contest. After the opening of "Unheard Scream Khojaly International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture", program was ended .