2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony of Gazi University was held - Gazi Üniversitesi
2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony of Gazi University was held
17 Ekim 2017 23:40

The Opening Ceremony for the 2017-2018 Academic Year of Gazi University was held on 26th October 2017 with a program organized at Mimar Kemaleddin Hall.

Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, who made opening speech after music concert, celebrated the 94th anniversary of the Republic and the October 29 Republic Day of Turkey by wishing a succesful academic year for students and our university. Reminding that he has been in office for about 15 months, Gazi Universiy Rector said, "In this process we desired corporate benefits, not individual conflicts. We wanted peace at our university and we did not want to disturb the motivation of our faculty members. With peace and motivation, we aimed to have more success both in the name of Gazi University and themselves."



"We are proud of being a research university"

Rector Uslan stated that they had the greatest output of the positive developments at Gazi University on September 26, 2017. He said " We were declared as one of the 10 research universities in our country with the document that we received from the announcements of Mr. President of Turkey in the 2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony in the Külliye. I would like to express my gratitude to all academicians and administrators for their academic work and for the success of this process, and I thank all of them. "

Rector, who explains the responsibilities of the research universities, continued his words as follows: "Everyone is curious. Gazi University is a research university, everybody is asking what is going to happen next. The goal of research universities is to increase the scientific level of our country. It is a project to increase the recognition of our country in the world of science. From now on research universities will be given additional resources and priority for the research project and infrastructure and will be the priority of these universities. In addition to this, facilities for international researcher employment will be provided. It will be possible to take steps on administrative and financial autonomy in the future, including staff support".

"Additional Appointments for University"

Rector Uslan, voicing that the research universities had great responsibilities and additional staff positions were opened for this reason, said" Before being the research university, a total of 58 research assistants, experts and teaching staff were given to us in 2017. After being a research university, 25 more vacant positions were added to this number and this was given to my university to be used until the end of this year. There may also be support for post-doctoral studies. Apart from this, we will focus on the students who will do doctoral studies and the number of undergraduate students will be reduced in the long term. Our president expressed this in his speech. "

"We Must Be Persistent in the League of Research Universities"

Stating that Gazi University is one of the universities that are subject to institutional external evaluation as of 2017, Uslan said: "Our first visit will take place on November 20, 2017 and the second one will take place on January 6-9, 2018. It was important to go to the league of the research university, but it is important to be permanent in this league. For this reason, we need to increase our motivation towards this. The Corporate External Evaluation Board has developed a system for research universities by looking at the concrete outputs of the universities. We were selected as a research university from 58 candidate universities. In other words, we have to fulfill the goals that we put in the self evaluation report. For this reason, as a university, we all have increased our responsibility. "

"We are an important university"

Emphasizing that Gazi deserves to be a research university, Rector said, "According to URAP's statement dated March 27, 2017, we are one of the 5 universities of our country, which is included in 9 of 10 international rating agencies. We were able to enter the list as the third university that represented our country with the most scientific field with 13 science fields in the order of world science fields announced on 15 May 2017. We are in the top 500 in 6 of these 13 science fields. Our next target is to be in the top 500 in other scientific fields."


Gazi BEST Board

Rector Uslan reminded us that they decided to establish a Gazi BEST Board in the university senate. He said: "We aim to create awareness on the strategic priorities of our country in terms of how our university, academicians and units cooperate with each other in strategic priorities. In addition, we are talking about a senior board that will bring together academicians and units in line with these awareness and develop projects to support R&D activities in this direction and take responsibility for policy determination. Gazi BEST Board stands for Gazi University, Science, Education, Art, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee".

"Cooperation with ASELSAN is our first step for the 4th generation university"

Having said that the fourth generation universities are now starting to train in the world, Rector pointed out that Gazi University took the first steps in this subject. Uslan tells us that the first generation university is only interested in education, second generation university is interested in education and research, third generation university is interested in education and research, and it has interdisciplinary properties. Uslan said that the fourth generation university is in the technical centers in the health sector itself.

Rector, who signed a protocol between higher education and ASELSAN under the name of 'ASELSAN Academy', said, "One of the four universities selected for this protocol was Gazi University. I am not modest in this regard, the conditions of the market and the things we do is clear. Gebze Technical University, METU, İTU and Gazi University will work together with ASELSAN. We have set a curriculum as four universities. The thesis topics of the students are determined according to the needs and objectives of ASELSAN. All expenses has been undertaken by ASELSAN. Namely, Gazi University has taken the first step towards becoming a 4th generation university. "

"We Provide Remedies to Problems and Expectations in Gazi University"

Rector said "when we come to the office, there were three processes that make the university unhappy. The first problem was about the academic staff. The second was inadequate conference support and the third was inadequate support for scientific research projects. As soon as we took the office, we increased the domestic and international conference support fees by 50 percent. Previously, participation fees were not supported. We have included this in support. Conference support, which was previously limited to 2,000 liras per project in the BAP projects, was raised to 2 thousand 250 for European countries and 3 thousand 750 for other countries"

Rector said: "We have received permission for academic appointment or promotion of a total of 380 faculty members, including 183 professors, 156 associate professors and 41 assistant professors, since the day we took the office. I consider this a great achievement for our agency. I would like to thank to Higher Education Council, our president and members who support us in this regard. The disabled faculties and the 200 staff of the vocational schools were eliminated and their grievances were eliminated. The services at our hospital were closed. Due to the inadequate number of nurses, the operating rooms were unable to work. A serious study has been done on this and 133 staff have been recruited. We have relieved our staff about the staff in terms of budget. "

"43 Million Lira Transaction About Construction"

Rector said that the construction of the hospital and TOKİ was continuing and he added "After the mission, we completed the distribution of the rooms of the hospital and TOKI construction. The moving process of our apartments continues. In a very short time we will open the buildings to service. There was a penalty of TL 21 million for these buildings. In the process we initiated with the support of our Mayor and the Minister of Environment and Urbanism, the decision taken from the municipal council was made to remove the penalty. "

Rector Uslan, expressing that there are serious problems that have been left behind in the university buildings, said "43 million transaction volumes related to construction have been realized. There were various problems in each of our units. For example, the Technology Facility had a serious water leak in its heating water installation. 30 to 35 tons of water a day were flowing in vain due to leakages. Likewise, the computers were getting wet when it rained in the Engineering Faculty. These problems have been resolved. We will solve Polatlı's electricity problem in a short time. Studies continue at the Faculty of Theology at Polat. We have a serious lack of personnel in the building. We will recruit 6 engineers as soon as possible".

"Gazi will be the first Corporate Identity Guide"

Rector, who said that they had done a work that was never done before in Gazi, said: "We try to do nothing without asking you. For the first time we have created a corporate identity guide. Letters from our correspondence papers, conferences from our flags, our announcements were re-arranged in details from our robe to our rosettes. We will share this with our faculty members in the electronic environment, then we will bring it to our Senate and Gazi University will be the official guide for corporate identity for the first time. "

New Regulation in BAP Projects

Rector said that they have made great efforts to solve the important problems related to the past term. "We have allocated 19 million TL for 19 infrastructure projects but we have no academic output. In other words, our scientific research unit has been converted into scientific infrastructure projects in an inappropriate manner. Our academicians who received inadequate support also experienced a fall in both their production and moral motivations. As soon as the counselor comes - even if you know that we came in a difficult period - a few months later, we reached the upper limit of 15 thousand liras for master thesis and 25 thousand liras for doctoral thesis. We declared unlimited support for independent BAP projects. However, our culture has always had problems because it is based on infrastructure projects. We have 20 missions. Among these, fair distribution of support was not provided, privileges were experienced. After our mission, we canceled the aforementioned 19 infrastructure projects. We supported 32 projects for medicine, 23 for dentistry and science faculty, 19 for pharmacy faculty, 19 for engineering faculty, 11 for technology faculty, and 172 projects along with others, and we took care to spread that support base. "

"We have to change our culture"

"We have to change our culture as a university," says Rector Uslan. "Our project number is 172 but the budget we give is 3 million 759 thousand TL. That means roughly 40 percent of the annual average. However, we also support you when you bring 2 million pounds project. But that's up to 50 thousand liras are evaluated in the commission here. 50,000 lira passes are evaluated by independent auditors. A new step is being taken to support projects with very high budgets at the BAP. Just as in TÜBİTAK, we can support the panel system and even if you come up with high-budget projects. Our goal is to raise the scientific contribution both in the institutional sense and in the name of our country. We have a project to do this in social areas too. Especially, if we can pass on the support of foreign publications, this will be an important step in the name of social sciences."

"New Curriculum Directive is ready"

Rector Uslan who states that now they have a new curriculum direction said, "From now on we will turn from individual logic to corporate logic. The curriculum changes that need to be added to the course will take place within the scope of this directive. The education commission will make decisions based on this guidance. We expect you to observe the curriculum depending on the current world".

Protocol between TUSAŞ Vocational School and TAI

Stating that a very important partnership was signed between the TUSAŞ Kazan Vocational School and TAI, the Rector said, "At TAI Kazan Vocational School, in line with the TAI's request for the first time this year we opened the Aircraft Technologies Program. Each of our 200 students enrolled in this program goes to TAI one day a week. They receive 440 lira scholarship for 4 days per month. And we plan to open programs that TAI needs again in the future. TAI is an international organization as you know. We have opened an English program that is not in our curriculum and TAI has undertaken the financial burden. We have also agreed with TAI to include some of our engineering training departments in this program. Our third and fourth year students will start working at TAI as candidate engineers. "

"Make-Up Exams will not be done anymore"

Rector Uslan, who said "We had to return to the ECTS from the local credit", talked about the make-up exams: "We will not do make-up exams anymore. As you know, grades DC and DD now pass, provided that grade average is 2.00. However, students who can not achieve 2.00 in order to graduate in the last semester, or who can not keep the average 2.00 in the last semester, will be given the right to complete a maximum of 3 courses. Apart from that, we do not have a commitment to tear up the university with make-up exams during the interim period. "

Student Food Fees did not raise for 4 years

Rector said that the student food fees have not been raised for 4 years and he added "This year is our fourth year. We did not raise any more. Our 3 thousand students are eating totally free of charge and our 10 thousand students just pay 1.40 kuruş and they keep eating the same food with our teaching members. We have also resolved complaints about the food orders. We solved problems caused by card readers. We also have new food court for 800 students. By separating the administrative staff from the food court, we also made the Center of Culture more comfortable for our faculty members."

Other Studies at Gazi University

Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan summarized the work they have done since they came to the office: "We have signed a cooperation protocol with TSE. We are establishing halal food research and application center in line with this protocol. "

"Intangible cultural heritage rostrum that is the 4th in the world and the only and the first in  our country was established by UNESCO."

"Gazi University has signed a cooperation agreement with Atatürk Culture, Language and History Higher Institution, TRT and Turkish Historical Society in order to support the opening of Africa and under the African Support Program of the Higher Education Council."

"We brought together the wives of the African ambassador with the President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. A breakfast was served in Grand National Assembly of Turkey. And we have also fulfilled an important responsibility as Gazi University for the correct understanding of July 15th in the world. "honorary doctoral title

"The honorary doctoral title was given to the President of the Assembly."

"Starting on November 6, 2017, we start our vegetarian lunch in our university food court."

"We have awarded a total of 49 student students community who succeeded in the activities and provided the qualifications we wanted."



Following our Rector Uslan's speech, emeritus Prof. Dr. Orhan Arslan's opening lesson was passed. Drawing attention to the importance of knowledge, Arslan said, "Man does not die when he gives his last breath, he dies when he does not learn. Knowledge is wise for us; every student is a blessing and entrusted to us, their value must be known, should not be wasted".

After the speech, students who won our university in 2017-2018 academic year with a degree were rewarded by our university. In addition, Ampute National Soccer Team players, our graduates and students who succeeded in national and international level were given awards.



Finally, a cocktail was held at the Gazi Cultural Center. The faculty members of our university participated in this event.