15 July Memorial Day for Democracy and National Unity
23 Temmuz 2018 09:48

The "15 July Commemoration of the Day of Democracy and National Unity" program jointly organized by our university and Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University was held at the Mimar Kemaleddin Hall.

The families of  our graduates  Cennet  Yiğit, Fevzi Başaran and Gülşah  Güler  who were martryed in the bombing of the Police Special Operations,  the family of our graduate  Fazıl Gürsu  who was  martryed in  the bombing of the Presidency of General Staff  Junction, the  family of our student  Muhammed Yalçın   who was  martryed in the bombing of the Presidency, the family of our student Mustafa Avcu  who was martryed in Presidency of General Staff, a large number of academicians and guests attended  to  the program.

The opening speech was made by our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan and ceremony continued with the reading of the National Anthem and the demonstration of the documentary "15 July Martyrs of Gazi University"

Rector Uslan said that two years passed since the treacherous coup attempt and he stressed that they will never forget the 15 July and will never let the occasion forgotten. He said that Gazi University gave seven martyrs, including two students in that dark night, and also shared his knowledge that Gazi University has given 40 martyrs since the Cyprus Operation so far.

Rector Uslan completed his speech with the following words: "From the Commander-in-Chief to the every member of this saintly nation who made great sacrifice for the country and who gave their life without doubt for the sake of the homeland, will undoubtedly receive the place they deserve in golden pages of our history. In this way, we are merciful and thankful for all our brave soldiers who runned for martyrdom and I wish patience for the families of our martyrs.  In the same way, I present our gratitude to our veterans. "

Witnesses of   July 15th

After the opening speech, the panel called "Witnesses of the July 15th Night" under the moderation of Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Gonca Bayraktar Durgun was made. The 15th July  veteran Habibe Öçal, Kahramanmaraş  deputy of Justice and Development Party, Dr. Instructor Mustafa Altınok from Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal and our university's  15 July Martyr Fazil Gürs' wife Bilge Gürs made a speech in the panel.

The first speaker in the panel was Habibe Öçal and she said that she was trying to prevent tanks in the Ankara Kızılay Square with his husband and daughter. She told that the tanks had moved towards the Presidency of General Staff by crushing the vehicles and added "We understood better the seriousness of the situation when we came to Akay Junction". Habibe Öçal, who stated that the tanks crushed the people while maneuvering, said: "There was a fire on the people near the Presidency of General Staff and many people were killed there. It's really hard to tell what happened that day. Be fair, but not merciful. That day they sustained us seconds of death. What they did is a war crime. "

After Öcal's speech, Mustafa Altinok said, "July 15 was the day of owning the country." Altınok stated that they were trying to squeeze a stone between the tank pallets to stop the tanks on the move, and noted that tanks that could not be maneuver opened fire on people. Altınok said the putscihists that failed made manipulation and he added that martyrs and veterans are the cornerstones of Turkey.

Bilge Gürs, who was the last speaker on the panel, stated that her husband became a martyr 2 years ago on 18 July and her father was a martyr of 15 July also and his brother was a veteran of 15 July. Expressing that her memories are still alive, Gürs pointed out that they will never forget that dark day.  Gürs reminded that 250 people had fallen martyrs that night, and noted that people were standing upright against the coup.

The ceremony in which emotional moments were experienced, ended with a plaque presentation and collective photo shoot.